Thursday, June 25, 2009

Jeff Barcy

We are our biggest opponent in the game of success. Only a few who believes in themselves and have the perseverance will come up on top. Jeff Barcy, CEO of Hearthstone, has applied the 'faith in himself' formula to take him to the top.

Jeff Barcy purchases agriculture or other types of land that has not been zoned for housing. He attempts to obtain approvals to develop the land for new housing communities then sells the land to home builders for profit. This sounds simple but it is a very lengthy, complex and often frustrating process. Resistence from environmental activists and regulatory entities or trying to get electricity to the site can take years. Defeating resistence and time over and over again has its rewards, as the value of the approved land can increase 5 times the investment. We salute Jeff Barcy for his faith and patience!

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